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NS Medical Systems

 Medical Equipment Calibration, Maintenance & Repair



We offer high quality, professional calibration and testing services for all medical equipment used within your practice. This service is available for all types of health centre/ surgery equipment ranging from Body Mass Scales, Medical Thermometers, Blood Pressure Units, Spirometers, ECGs. All the tests and calibrations are undertaken by fully qualified and trained technicians to ensure high standards are met.


All NS Medical Systems technicians and engineers are fully qualified to carry out all the services we provide. All personnel are kept updated and retrained as required. This is done to ensure the customer receives an efficient and competent service. Evidence of qualifications and training is available on request. All test equipment used by us  for our calibration service is in itself fully calibrated and traceable to national standards.


Our clients consist of Health Centres, GP Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, NHS & Private Hospitals, nursing homes, universities, occupational health departments, Private practice and other healthcare providers


Test equipment we use is validated every year by a approved centres. Accurate reference devices are vital when calibrating an item of physiological measurement equipment. Test equipment accuracy can deteriorate with use over time therefore it must itself be calibrated regularly. Some equipment is calibrated more often as required.

The Rigel 311C NIBP simulator is designed to test new BP unit in a factory environment. We believe it is important to have this device at our disposal to ensure a quality service.

Rigel 311C NIBP simulator used to test BP units

We offer a high standard of service for our customers. We understand how important it is  for your equipment  to function perfectly every time. Our technicians are trained to service most commonly used devices and brands. In one visit our technicians are able to test all of your equipment at your premises at a time that suites you. We usually send two persons for the on-site inspection, testing service.

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